Friday, February 10, 2012

The Bold & The Beautiful

Oh yes, you read that title right! Named this blog post after one of my 3 favorite Soap Operas!! ;) I thought the title was very fitting for this polish post..because this orange is quite bold but also surprisingly beautiful.  I surprised my own self because I NEVER wear oranges & couldn't believe I even owned these polishes...and they are both a few years old.  "Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It" is from the Australia Collection from Spring/Summer 2007.  While "Dress To Empress!" was from the Japanese Collection, i think Spring/Sumer 2011, but can't be sure.  Both are bright corally oranges, with Tasmanian Devil being much more orange than Empress.  I wanted to use the Empress as a top coat layer to add some shimmer to this mani. I was pretty pleased with the outcome.  Also happy to report that haven't experienced any bubbling since using OPI Nail Envy as my base coat!!! And as always finished with a SV topcoat!

 This was about 3 coats of 'Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It'...a slightly sheer coral orange, almost a jelly creme blend formula. (taken in artificial lighting)

Next step was to add a coat of OPI "Dress To Empress!" for a little shimmer effect (thinking back I may have purchased this in Spring of 2004 for my Junior Prom mani).  It's really a pretty coral orange jelly base with fine flecks of silvery-gold shimmer.  It was slightly lighter & more pink-toned than the Tasmanian color.  

haha so many photos...I was still attempting to capture the sparkly shimmer perfectly ;)
Below is my nails holding onto my MacBook.

So my left hand ring finger is my absolutely favorite nail right now...random I know. Do you have a favorite nail that is just shaped so perfectly?? And what do you think of this loud orange? Are you bold enough to don your nails with it? ...I know you're beautiful enough to pull it off :) 


  1. Yes, I do have a current favorite finger right now. It's my thumb of all things. The one that never shows in my photos because I refuse to do the claw.

    And i found out which collection one of my OPI's is from. I knew it was part of a collection - but which one i had no idea since it was never displayed that way. I'm thinking it's a pretty good bet that "Fit for a Queensland" is from the Australia collection :P I didn't realize that was from back in 2007.

  2. OOooo lovely! I actually just picked up Tasmanian Devil Made me Do It at CVS of all places! I was going to swatch it as part of my February Challenge but your swatch is making me think its much more orange than I had realized O.O Super pretty though (and I normally am not an orange fan!) <3

  3. OMG. I'm in lovvve! That's the most amazing orange I've ever seen (and I usually don't like orange) The shimmer is too pretty. Another awesome post! Girl, you're on a roll ;o

  4. I love Dare to Empress! It looks so pretty! Looks quite similar to Riveting from the ChG Hunger Games Collection!
    And I have to say, I like my ring finger nails too! ;D

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