Friday, February 10, 2012

Swatches, Comparisons & Dupes...Oh My!

It's my first comparison/dupe swatching attempt....I was subbing for high school Spanish & during my lunch/prep time, I had brought along a mini-salon to do some comparisons ;) Some of these ended up looking more different then I originally thought when first glancing at the bottles.  But they are pretty similar & it was fun checking them all out on my nail. Let's get started already!

Here are some of my shimmery milky whites: Revlon "Calla Lilly", China Glaze "White Cap", & NOPI "All About The Glam".  They look similar in the bottle but not on...

The NOPI goes on opaque white in 1 coat, a milky white with silver/white shimmer.  The ChG ends up being more of a clear base & PACKED with gold flecky shimmer. The Revlon would actually make a great shimmery topcoat.  It's very sheer, very fine white/gold shimmer...took 4 coats to get it semi-opaque

 Love my blues! Ok these are very similar shades of blue but very different formulas as whole.  The ChG is a jelly based blue filled with fine flecks of silvery-white glitters.  The OPI is more of a frosty creme blue which I ended up not liking as much bc I'm not too into frosts.

 I can't remember the last time I had pinks on my nails...but mom got me this OPI for Christmas & the ZOYA was from their 2 polish promo deal last month that I hadn't tried yet.  They were both a nice fuchsia base with fine iridescent shimmer.  The slight different was that the OPI was more blue-toned & the Zoya was more red-toned & more densely packed with glitters.

 I think these greens are my most identical dupes of the whole post.  I bought these 2 on the same day too, not realizing id purchased 2 identical greens...guess my subconscious was really feeling green that day! ;) Anyways, Ive swatched this OPI before (from the Texas Collection) & have been wanting to compare it to this Ulta green.  Only slight difference is the Ulta is more blue-toned & dries a tiny bit darker.

 This certainly isn't a 'dupe', seeing as they're both OPI's, but wanted to compare these 2 colors seeing how similar they are.  I'm sad that my photos suck the big one & don't capture the sunset shimmer in both of these deep purple-toned blues. They look almost identical in the bottle..."Play 'Til Midnight" is just touch more purple & "Russian Navy" is more bluish, but both have spectacular gold-pink shimmer.

 With these 2 black cremes, I am not comparing colors obviously, but more the quality of the polish formula.  These are both fabulous highly pigmented black cremes.  I'm sure most out there own "Black Onyx" as a staple essential.  If you've seen my swatches of other Revlon ColorStay polishes, I can't stop raving about the formula, quality, application of this line (supposed to be similar to gel polish without needing the UV light).  Dare I say that the Revlon "Stiletto" is better than "Black Onyx"!?!?!? **gasp** ;) Both are great...OPI will always be a dependable classic, but I am highly endorsing you all to try some of Revlon's ColorStay!!!!!! 

What do y'all think of these comparisons????


  1. Aaah! Such an awesome post!! I can't believe it... The pinks, greens, blues, blacks... They all look exactly the same! Now, I don't have to spend extra to get OPI, chyea. ;D ahaha.

  2. Pretty! Now I want China Glaze White Cap...