Sunday, June 3, 2012


 RAFAEL NADAL: The Object of My Obsession
The King of Clay
¡HOLA! Ryan here with a first! So to let you know more about myself...the thing i love most in this world, more than painting my nails, is playing tennis. It is my ultimate passion. I started playing tennis when I was 14 years old. As soon as I started playing, I fell in love. Once I began, I never stopped or slowed down.  I still to this day play competitively as an adult and have been teaching tennis for about 8 years now.  In fact, this weekend I played 4.0 & 4.5 doubles in an adult tournament at the club where I teach.  Played 4 matches & 8+ hours of tennis just yesterday. My body is sore & aching but theres no better feeling than being out on that court, hitting the ball, and continuing to express my competitive edge. Ever since I can remember, Rafa Nadal of España has been my ultimate favorite tennis players, men or women.  He is just incredible. Temporarily he has moved from the #1 in the world to #2 to Novak Djokovic (vomit). But he will rise again. He is fierce & powerful & raw & passionate & humble & the epitome of sportsmanship.  I am more than in love. I want to marry this man. We are both 26 years old. We both speak Spanish. He's a driven determined athlete...everything I want in a man ;D

So my latest mani is inspired by my love for Rafa, mi amor. Right now, RAFA is competing in the Roland Garros: French Open Grand Slam.  It's the Grand Slam that has made Nadal one of the greatest players of all time & the King Of Clay. He is currently going for his 7th French Open title on the red clay. Rafa is also so sexy for his ability to rock pinks when he plays. Right now at the French Open, he is wearing a pink-toned red shirt with white shorts & anthracite grey accent stripes.  I absolutely want a pair of his shoes he's rocking right now...Nike Air Courtballistec 4.3s in Nike's color description of Scarlet Fire/Anthracite/White. Haha I keep straying, I did my nails with a first attempt at a sponge gradient. I wanted to pay homage to Rafa's sexy ass outfit and did a sponge gradient mani of the pink-red & dark grey.  I used an Ulta "Eye-Popping Poppy" and OPI "Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees".  I did 3 coats of the Ulta color as the base. Then with a triangle makeup sponge, I dipped it in water first to keep the sponge from absorbing the polish too quickly.  Then painted on strips of both the Ulta pink & the OPI grey. I then pressed the painted sponge to my nail so that the dark grey was going on my tips.  I keep dabbing & sponging a little up & down so the gradient gets blended really well.  Also later in the post, I also did a girlfriends nails with the same technique but with more nude/peach colors. 

my little sister, Yuriko's nails, I did with the sponge gradient with
OPI "Barre My Soul", Essie "A Crewed Interest", & Essie "Haute As Hello"

back to the sexy star of the show...Rafa in Armani. 

and one of my favorite Shakira songs, just because Rafa is shirtless in the video

haha ok yall! thats all for now. that was a mile-long post. So many pictures and videos & rambling about my love & affection for Rafa Nadal! Let's hope he wins the French Open title this Sunday! 

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  1. I love both gradients! Great job! (And Nadal rules! ;))