Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hey y'all! Any fellow Trubies out there?? Because it's fang season again!!! TRUE BLOOD is back with Season 5!!! We are less than 12 hours away from the premiere!!!! What's going to happen?? Russell Edgington is coming back for revenge. Pastor Newlin is back as a vampire. Sookie broke up with both Bill & Eric. Tara got her head blown off & Debbie is dead as a doornail...How many people can die in Sookie's kitchen? Will Tara come back to the show as a vamp? Will this be the season of Sookie and Alcide? We are gonna see Chris Meloni as the new Authority... Will Bill have to pay for killing Nan Flanagan? Do Jason & Jessica have a future together? What's with Renee's warnings to Arlene? What's up with the creeper guy from Terry's past? OMG. so many questions, not enough episodes per year!!!!

So in honor of my hardcore Trubie obsession, I had to do some bloody splatter nails for the premiere! And let me tell you, these are a serious bloody gory MESS!! Haha, I'm currently in love with sponge gradients. So I started the mani by painting my nails with 3 coats of OPI "Don't Touch My TuTu!", then did 3 lines of color on a wet makeup sponge: OPI "Don't Touch My TuTu", "Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees", and then "Black Onyx".  After finishing the black-grey-white gradient up the nail, I started on my straw splatter.  First I used my darker deep blood red, OPI "Got The Blues For Red".  Let that dry, then went back & splattered OPI "Vodka & Caviar" of my very favorite reds of all time. It's got a little more orange to it & is a lot brighter.  After removing the tape from the surround skin area, I applied 1 coat of Seche Vite topcoat. (I wish I had taken pics of the sponge gradient by itself)...oh well.

Any other True Blood lovers out there? Team Bill? Team Eric? Team Alcide?? I'm a Bill Compton lover myself. He's not the most physically sexy but he is the one i love the most for Sookie.  Anyways, hope y'all liked my gradient-splatter mani! Fangtastic! :D Cant wait for tonight....


  1. Not a true blood fan but this came out good. I was laughing because this morning I was looking at you tube and found a tutorial that looked like a fingernail had been ripped off. When I first saw this pic from a distance, that was what it reminded me of.

  2. Your nails look like a hot bloody mess pre-cleanup (in a good way!) I love these nails and True Blood and can't wait til tonight! I LOOOOOOOOVE Eric; Alexander Skarsgard is so hot, I would watch the show just for him lol.

  3. Love this!! Im so a truebie too <3

  4. Holy crap I love this messy manicure!!! I actually just finished watching the latest episode of True Blood on my computer during my lunch hour. I always have this giddy high after watching it (haha). Your mani is so unique!!