Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pool Party!

Hey y'all! Ryan here with my first bright neon of the summer! And just in time for the hottest week of the year here in Arkansas! This entire week it was over 100 degrees (aka: hotter than Satan's ballsack) and I was on a court 5 hours of the day teaching tennis in this blistering, drought-inducing heat! My last mani was black & white inspired by my CrossFit obsession. But I was way overdue for some seriously obnoxious neon brightness since we are already at the end of July! And where is the best place to be spending your summer if you're not near a beach....??? AT THE POOL!!!! I've spent a good amount of time at my girlfriends' pools this summer.  My 2 best friends both have pools and I don't sadly.  And, as you will see when you get to the end of this post, no pool party is a party without some fun upbeat music!

Now for this mani, I bought China Glaze "Pool Party" a few months ago after falling in love with "Flip Flop Fantasy".  Those have got to be the 2 most unique fabulous neon pinks & both very different. I will say their application kinda sucks, the way the polish dries mid-stroke & very unevenly.  I put 4 coats on my fingernails & 3 coats on my toes.  I then did an accent nail inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. For the accent nails & big toenails I used: ULTA "Snow White", OPI "No Room For The Blues", & NOPI "Nicole's Nickel" (a Target exclusive).  I tried to do wispy lines with a fine art brush then followed those up with some dotting tool dot trails.  Lastly, I finished the mani with 2, yes 2 coats of Seche Vite to really seal it ;D On top of "Pool Party" being a hassle to apply, it was nearly impossible to photograph.  And it dries very differently than the bottle color.  In the bottle, it just looks like a straight up hot neon pink.  But once dry on the nails it seems to have a radioactive orange-coral hue in the pink.  Regardless of the application & not being photogenic, this has got to be the most unique fabulous loud perfect color for summer! I may need to buy a backup! I highly recommend buying this color. It's a must-have for any girl's collection! Now let's get this party started! 


Like I promised, no pool party is a good one without some tunes...
This has been one of my faves this summer....just makes you wanna party & bullshit

Have you tried some China Glaze neons like "Flip Flop Fantasy" or this one "Pool Party?? Hope y'all liked this mani & keep enjoying the rest of what's left of this summer! Till next time! :)


  1. omgoodness it does pratically glow!!!! That's so pretty!!! I need that neon now! I love the accent nails and how you even matched it up with your toe! My mani's and pedi's never match...ever. Lol i have watermelons on my fingers and blue toe nails. I have my life together, right? lol

    FREAKING LOVE IT!! so pretty and perfect!

  2. Fun accent nail. I love the neons for summer!

  3. Very cute mani!! Stay cool ;0).

  4. What a fun look! I love the coordination.

  5. Wow that looks awesome! Your a talented one aren't you? ;o)
    Really love the blog!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that color! Neons are so fun. I just started a new nail blog and would love your feedback if you get the time.