Friday, October 12, 2012

Football Series: Fear The Tusk!

Hey y'all!! Ryan finally here again...I should be working on new Halloween manis BUT my sweet girl Nicole from Polish Me, Please! came to me with an idea that she wanted to do a series of football nails together because she knows how much I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!!! We both also discovered that our favorite NFL team is the same team, that will be revealed later!!! We have about 5 weeks of football themes coming your way! This Friday's is our favorite college team. I love college football the most, specifically my Arkansas Razorbacks! So last season my Razorbacks were having the most rocking season ever, finishing at #5 in the nation, with a 11-2 record - only losing to LSU & Alabama, the #1 & #2 teams in the country who played each other for the National Championship.  I would say that's pretty damn good! We also won our bowl game against Kansas State U. All that goes to say that the SEC (Southeastern Conference is the best in country!) This season is another story.  This past Spring we lost our Head Coach Bobby Petrino to a scandal. He was having an affair with a young female athletics assistant who he actually had been giving money to, had her chosen to be hired over other much more HIGHLY qualified applicants.  They were caught when he was taking her for a sexy joyride on his motorcycle and they crashed. He had someone come pick her up at the scene of the crash before police, media, & ambulances got there. He paid off an Arkansas State Trooper to keep his mouth shut. He lied about the accident, saying he was alone on his ride, to the media and to our school's Athletic Director. Everything came out and he was fired. Our team had to practice with our assistant coaches the rest of the Spring & this Summer.  We got a new Head Coach named John Smith...but he's horrible & nuttier than a damn fruitcake! And even with our QB Tyler Wilson and all of our top starters, we are having the worst season possible. Our 2nd game was against Louisiana-Monroe which we payed them $500,000 to play because it's usually an easy win. We lost & suffered 2 majorly devastating injuries.  The tragedy continued when we lost to Rutgers and got blown apart by Alabama 0-56.  We did finally snag a win last Saturday against Auburn who are 0-4. Woo. Tomorrow we play Kentucky & praying we win. We are now 2-4 & not looking too good. You can be sure that this coach John Smith will be fired for next season once his 10 month contract is up! Now if you go over to Nicole's blog, you will see her nail interpretation of her Oregon college team: The Oregon Ducks! I'm glad we don't play each other & arent rivals!!!

For my nails, I wanted to interpret our mascot saying "Fear The Tusk"!!!!! We are the only 'Razorback' in sports...unique! And our Hog has tusks, literally we have a real hog that rides around campus on game day and onto the field named 'Tusk'.  So for my nails I used Wet 'n' Wild "I Red A Good Book" on my thumb, pointer, & pinky nails. I used China Glaze "I'm Not Lion" on the ring nails. And I used Essie "Licorice" on the middle nails with a Sally Hansen nail art pen in white to draw tusks, then topped that nail with Essie "Matte About You" mattifying topcoat. Do you fear the tusks???

Now here's what you can expect to see from Nicole and I over the next 4 weeks:
October 12: Our College Football Nails
October 19: Our Favorite NFL Team Nails
October 26: Team Swap - Nicole does Hog nails here/I do Duck nails on her blog
November 2: Our High School Alma Mater Nails
November 9: General Football Nails

Go check out Nicole's Ducks nails here!!!

Hope yall liked our 1st nails, college nails, of this little football series we are starting!!! Check back each Friday to see what football inspired look we've brought you, and maybe you can do the same thing with your nails and just swap the colors for your favorite team!!!! GO HOGS! Woo Pig Sooie! 

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