Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why don't you just "Crown Me Already"!

Every girl needs a little glitter in her life...and this is just the little bottle of glitter you need.  It's more like a bottled disco ball, it's so complex and silver.  You can layer it over another color or just do 2 coats of the shimmery sequiny glitter.  This is an OPI 'color'  from this year's 2011 Miss Universe collection called "Crown Me Already".  It contains large & small pieces of glitter of different shapes in a clear base.  It definitely screams Queen of the Universe...

                                    "Crown Me Already" - OPI, Miss Universe Collection


  1. i love this polish! I swatched it when I was dogsitting at my friends house and i found it in her polish stash!

  2. again new to this polish blogging business...ok when you say "swatched", are y'all doing a polish design on just one hand solely for the purpose of blogging it??? when you're swatching a new color/design, you're not just doing a full manicure on both hands? or is just another word for sampling? haha little confused ;)