Saturday, January 14, 2012

Everything's Bigger & Better in Texas...

Needed a new mani (as much as I love that last purple with flaky accent nail mani).  So I'm swatching a new OPI I got on sale from The Texas Collection.  It's really a gorgeous deep green...not quite a grass green. Its got a more rustic feel, kinda like green clay.  5 years ago I would've never worn all these blues & greens, and now they seem to be some of my absolute favorite types of colors.  I love the way this green turned out.  It's so different & fresh & fun. No gimmicks, glitter, shimmer, or flakes...just the simple straight up green, 3 coats.  I realize this color is from Spring/Summer 2011, but it's never too late to fall in love with old polishes I say ;) Yeehaw! Giddy-up Cowgirls!

"Don't Mess With OPI" OPI: The Texas Collection


  1. This is such a beautiful green!!

    1. thank you!!! i agree!! totally gorgeous green :)