Sunday, January 29, 2012

"L" is for the way you look at me...

Alright ladies...we are just 2 weeks away from Valentine's Day (aka Happy Singles Awareness Day)! Haha...wanted to get a head start on the holiday of love, hearts, teddy bears, roses, chocolates.  Wal-Mart's already been a land of pinks, reds, balloons, & everything Cupid for over a month ;)  I wanted to step up my nail art game in honor of such a passionate annual celebration...go all out.  I got inspiration from all over the internet.  I also love the shape of my natural nails, but wanted longer nails for my french tip-style art.  Didn't want anything as permanent or damaging as acrylic.  I glued on some Kiss nails to my tips & filed the edges so it blended into my natural nail bed.  After that, I applied my acrylic gel base coat & painted as normal.  Did a different art design on every finger, used 8 different polish colors, and....finished with some delicious Seche Vite topcoat! Check out these pics of my love-filled nails :)

Main colors:                                                                       Accent Colors:
China Glaze "Go Go Pink"                                               NOPI "Have A Heart"
NOPI "Kim-pletely In Love"                                            Essie "A Cut Above"
NOPI "It's All About The Glam"                                      Essie "Forever Yummy"
Revlon "Stiletto"                                                                OPI "Speak For Your-Elf!"

Above: little sample of the mess I was making with my Nailene Tip Tape
Below: just finished around 2am! used NOPI "Kim-pletely In Love" as the base for all nails first
 (1 coat is completely clear-sheer with a slight blue iridescent shimmer in sunlight)
**Pleasant surprises: Revlon ColorStay "Stiletto" is a gorgeous perfectly opaque black creme with 1 coat AND it's very affordable $$$.  Also, loving the OPI used for the pointer finger & ring finger...fabulous jelly-based red glitter.  

Direct sunlight

Left: used Essie LuxeEffects "A Cut Above" over the white tip to create a little glittery tiara
Right:  picked the hearts out of the NOPI "Have A Heart" for my middle fingers

 Are you in L.O.V.E with this glittery heart-filled mani?  Do natural nails or these look better?
Happy Valentine's Day!!!! .....will you be mine?


  1. Interesting mix, I especially like the three little hearts nail and the black with 'Cut Above the Rest' nail. Personally, I'm a much bigger fan of real nails versus fake nails. In my opinion, even an amazing nail tech can't get the shape to look "natural". I love your creativity!

    1. Thanks Bridgette!!!!! appreciate the feedback...totally agree that natural nails look better. and i actually feel lucky because I have nice long nail beds on their own. just for this nail art, i wanted a tiny bit more length. thanks again! :)

    2. It's Bridget* btw ;o) Yes, especially for those who have nice nails naturally, don't ever take it for granted!

  2. I love how theyre all different. And the red glitter rocks! I do prefer natural nails, but they can be difficult. Try OPI nail envy. As for adding length, I'd go with the full nails next time instead of tips. Tips are meant to be filled in with acrylic, so they'll never look flush. I read back a few posts, and for your second try at freehand art you did great! A tinier brush, steady hand, and practicing on paper or something first will help. Your nails look a great length by the way. I have done french on very short nails. Good mani ideas!

    1. thanks for all the feedback! :) yah its not my best...but I will be back to my natural nails shortly...they are actually quite long on their own, great nail beds, healthy & strong. I just wanted an extra little millimeter of length for the french-style nail art. but again thanks for all the advice and glad u liked my attempt at creativity ;)

  3. Pretty!! Love the middle finger especially.

    1. thank you so very much chica! i think thats been a general consensus...all my friends liked the middle finger hearts best too ;) thanks for the feedback!