Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Girl On Fire

In honor of my love & obsession for the incredible book series: "The Hunger Games", I wanted to come up with some sort of manicure to represent my addiction for the books and upcoming movie.  If you haven't read the books then you probably won't really get the point of this represent the main female character, Katniss Everdeen, "the girl on fire".  She is from the District 12, the coal mining district, and because of the use of coal to create fire/flames, Katniss gets dressed up to represent "a girl on fire".  To create my mani, I used 2 OPI colors and some stencil designs by Kiss Nail Art.  For the main 4 nails, I used OPI's "My Private Jet".  For the accent nail & thumb stencil, I used OPI "Pros & Bronze" from Serena William's Grand Slam Collection.  I wanted to use the "My Private Jet" (a deep chocolate base filled with tiny pieces of holographic glitter) to represent the Coal District; and have the accent nail of "Pros & Bronze" to represent the coal catching fire... I wasn't too pleased with the quality of the stencil designs.  I really wanted a stencil/stamp of a bird because all 3 books are centered around the symbol of the mockingjay.  The ring fingers have a 'futuristic' design, and the thumbs have a spiral & dot design. This isn't my best post or best photography but I tried. If you haven't read the books, I highly recommend it because they are heart wrenching & breathtaking.  The Hunger Games movie comes out March 23rd!  ....also can't wait for the China Glaze "The Hunger Games" collection: Capitol Colours

OPI "My Private Jet" and "Pros & Bronze"

The Hunger Games movie trailer

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