Sunday, May 6, 2012

Collection of Guest Posts

Just wanted to write up a quick post with links to all my GUEST POSTS I've done this year so far....I've def had some fun contributing to my other nail sisters blogs.  For some reason, I always seem to come up with my best & favorite manis when I am doing a post for someone else's blog!!!!! Here's the links!

Tye-Dye Water Marbling Mani on Addie's blog: Miss Madrigal
These were my very first attempt at marbling! Now I'm in love...

"Happy Hunger Games!" My famous THG "Girl On Fire" nails!!!!! I did this mani on Miss Maria's blog Nails Made Simple.  These caused quite the commotion.  First my original pin of this pic on Pinterest got repinned over 400xs & who knows how many other times it got cropped/edited & repinned elsewhere. Next a blogger girlfriend of mine noticed that they got used by a beauty article writer on Glamour magazine's website:  A Slew of Gorgeous Beauty Ideas Inspired by "The Hunger Games," As Found On Pinterest. They could also be found on China Glaze's & Glamour's Facebook pages.                    Because I didn't know yet about the need to watermark my photos, I was getting no credit for my photo.  I ended up writing an email to the editor's of Glamour asking them if their beauty writer could give my blog credit for the pic.  The author went back & credited my blog & directly repinned the photo from my Pinterest page.  Ever since then, I've been seeing others posting my pic on sites like & Instagram (even saw someone claiming it was some new stick-on decal. Pretty humorous & frustrating at the same time that my most viral mani ever wasn't watermarked. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!

"That Is Mahogany!" Another Hunger Games themed mani...this time inspired by Miss Effie Trinket herself! Check out my post on Ave's blog Polish Pixelle! Love this girl...we are Pisces sisters!

"...for you have become a butterfly" I tried my most intricate nail art for a guest post on my soul sister Alaina's blog The Little Canvas! She's freakin hilarious & awesome. We watched all 3 seasons of The Vampire Diaries together these past few weeks, even though we live in opposite parts of the country! We decided we are sisters separated at birth.

My latest guest post mani "STELENA" on my favorite bish Kristen's blog In The Name Of Polish! Along with Alaina, I got Kristen hooked on The Vampire Diaries all at the same time! It's my newest obsession addiction. I wanted to come up with a good TVD-inspired mani. My first attempt at a jelly sandwich with a little water marbling accent thrown in! Nothing but bloody love for Stefan + Elena!

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