Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Funky Crazy Leopard

Hey everyone!!!! Alaina here from The Little Canvas doing my first EVER guest post for my long lost separated sister from a different mister, Ryan!  I could not be more excited than to do a guest post for her, and how could I say no after she did such an awesome guest post on my blog.  Have you seen her Butterflies?? They're amazing, and I doubt I will be able to do them as well as she did.   Now that I think about it, I should have attempted the butterflies and posted them here and had a contest to see which was better.  Ten bucks bets, it's hers. I guess we'll have to do another guest post for that.

I had to do some sort of nail art for Ryan's blog since 9 times out of 10, I always have nail art on my nails.  If you have seen my blog, you know I'm not one for plain simple manicures or swatches of plain color.  I need to add some sort of dot or fancy tip.  Call me crazy, I have a nail art addiction, and I love it.  Hell we all are a little crazy right?

Well in honor of my crazy sister Ryan, I needed to think of a crazy nail art design.  After she asked me to do a guest post, I started thinking "what oh what can I do?"  I have been in a manicure funk, so I literally had no clue.  I took to pinterest and other blogs and started searching.  Nothing was standing out to me as "crazy" or "funky".

After going through my folder of old designs, I found the perfect one.  A nail design I did a long time ago, but never got decent pictures of.  I attempted it when I first started painting my nails and long before I started blogging.  The design has become lovingly known among my friends and family as "The Funky Leopard".  I took a deep breath, started painting, and prayed I was out of my manicure funk.  Sure enough, the funk is over, and I'm in love with my nail art again.

Please ignore some of the excess polish on my fingers, I chipped the middle finger before taking these photos and had to messily fix them.

Colors Used:
  • Base
    • New York Color - French Tip White
  • Leopard Spots
    • Sinful Colors - Love Nails - blue
    • Sinful Colors - Let's Meet - yellow
    • Sinful Colors - Cream Pink - pink
    • Funky Fingers - Riot! - purple
Leopard print is by far the easiest nail art ever!  All you do is take a dotting tool and dot on the colors in uneven patterns.  Then when dry, you outline the dots randomly in black, and add some extra dots to fill in.  The only part that takes some patience is the outlining.  After doing the left hand, I really didn't want to finish my right hand, but mostly because it was midnight and I was getting tired.  Since I'm a hardcore nail blogger (okay maybe not) I finished.

What do you all think??? Do you have a crazy, funky mani you wanted to try or have done??

I hope you all liked my guest blog!  If you want to see more nail art, check out my blog, The Little Canvas.  And if you would like, you can follow me on Twitter: @TheLittleCanvas.  Thank you to the awesome Ryan for allowing me to guest blog!!!!

<3 <3 <3


  1. Super cute!!!


  2. i LOVE it!! the colors are amazing!! i can't wait to try a cheetah print mani! GREAT JOB!!

  3. i love this look! i actually did a rainbow cheetah not too long ago