Monday, May 14, 2012

SNAAARKM Challenge Day 1: Jelly Sammich

Hey y'all!  Here's my first post for the challenge!! A JELLY SAMMICH!!!!! So I haven't done too many jelly sandwiches in my time as a blogger. {jelly sandwich}: a jelly-based polish, sheer with a layer of glitter in between 2 coats of the jelly.  Over the weekend I was watching one of my favorite 80's Molly Ringwald classics: Pretty In Pink and decided to do a pink sammich!!! I mean some of my favorite movies of all time are that, Sixteen Candles, & The Breakfast Club. classics. 

On with the show....for my very pink jelly sandwich!!!!! Essie "Secret Story" (pink jelly) with a layer of Essie "A Cut Above" sandwiched in between!! It's pretty pink...pretty in pink.   

Got bored & didn't particularly LOVE the way this pink-on-pink sammich came out so I was practicing my creativity & playing with Picasa's newest editing features. I love image processing!

a little more pink on pink...the strawberry cake I made for my mom on Mother's Day yesterday

Of course I had to end this challenge post with a ultra snarky bitchy comment.  Blunt Cards are my favorite ever!  I will feature one in every post for this challenge! Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. this is really good!!! i love it!!!! idk wtf you're talking about that it was bad. mine is worse! lol

  2. This isn't bad! I think you should use more contrasting glitter next time for it to show through more. I love this pink btw...i'm adding it to my list thank you very much!

    1. its ok girl. you can say that it totally sucks ass. I'm embarrassed that I even posted it now. its just not good. what a horrible attempt at a jelly sammich. ill try to step it up for the next manis

    2. Talk about self deprecation! Your sandwich is/was awesome, Ryan!

  3. Don't beat yourself up! It's not bad it's just really subtle! :) I like it